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Guarantee and Repairs

All of our products, with the exception of electric scooters, have a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects. All wearing parts (small parts and screws) are excluded from this warranty.

Our warranty is valid from the date of purchase. It protects against manufacturing defects and faults in craftsmanship but does not cover any damages incurred via improper use (such as jumps, tricks, or other aggressive use).  Also, general wear and tear is not considered a warranty consideration as the scooters’ wheels and moving parts will wear down over time with standard use. We can only accept claims if you have a valid proof of purchase.

During the warranty period Micro Step BV will decide whether a product that is under warranty will be replaced or repaired. In case of doubt the decision of Micro Mobility Systems AG will be decisive.

On electric scooters we provide 2 year warranty on mechanical components: footboard, complete front part, fender brake. All wearing parts (small parts and screws) are excluded from this warranty. On electrical components there is a 1 year warranty. The following electrical components are covered by a one-year warranty: motor, controller, cables and battery. For the battery we furthermore guarantee a remaining capacity of 60% of the originally rated capacity after 1 year. 

For further information concerning our warranty we refer to section 8 of our terms and conditions.